Grandparents from Jefferson County, KY


Grandparents from Jefferson County recently reached out to share the recent struggle they dealt with as one of their grandchildren transitions from high school to college and figures out the process of obtaining financial aid.


Our daughter is bi polar and self-medicates, so she is a drug addict and in and out of jail or prison.  We received the first two (grandchildren) in the late 90’s.  The next two (grandchildren) in the early years of 2000’s.  The state was taking them and we asked for them.  The oldest (grandchild) was 3 when she came and faced issues with abandonment.  The other three (grandchildren) we received so young they have no parental issues.”

“We have been raising four grandchildren their whole school lives.  Now one is graduating high school and enrolled at the University Of Louisville. Financial aid has been a hassle because the federal government does not recognize Kinship care. I have heard that foster children get a free ride to college; now I’m wondering if I did the kids a disservice by keeping them out of the foster system.”  

The grandparents who shared this story chose to keep their identities private.