Ways to Act

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Follow the Kentucky Youth Advocates bill tracker to see what happens with Senate Bill 31 & House Bill 230.

SB 31 and HB 230 would permanently establish a program for kinship care and provide additional supports for kinship caregivers. Funding within the state budget would still be necessary to lift the moratorium and help caregivers best meet the needs of children in their care.

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Review tips for contacting and setting up meetings with your legislators below.

We encourage advocates to set up a meeting with your legislators on Children’s Advocacy Day.

How has the freeze on the Kentucky Kinship Care Program in April 2013 impacted your family?

Tell your legislator to:
“Please Lift the Moratorium on the Kentucky Kinship Care Program.”

The program has left many children who live with their grandparents and other relatives without vital supports needed in order to be successful. Grandparents and other relatives step up every day to keep children from going into the foster care system, oftentimes without any help. The subsidy has been a lifeline for some families who would not have been able to raise their relatives without it.

Ask your representative to support kinship families by lifting the moratorium on the Kinship Care Program. Write your story to share with your legislator in order for them to understand the impact they can make for families in their district.

Send it to your state senator and representative. Not sure who they are or where to send it? Go HERE to find out.

Questions? Contact Shannon Moody (smoody@kyyouth.org / 502-895-8167 ext 126)


Part of our mission is to advocate for kinship families across the state.  We want to ensure that proper education and support is provided to all kinship families and to encourage other individuals in the community to stay informed on ways they can help.  Below you will find some of our ideas in helping kinship families and making sure their needs are met.  You will also find legislative acts important to kinship care.


There are many ways to become an effective kinship families advocate. These include:

  1. Register and vote.
  2. Know your own local, state, and national representatives.
  3. Know your issue(s) well and relate that issue by calling, writing letters, and visiting your elected officials
  4. Tell your story.  Make sure your information is accurate, specific.  Give your contact information in case there is a need for follow-up.

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Check out the Advocating for Kinship Families tip sheet.




  • Check back for updates on legislative items that would benefit relative caregivers.

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